St. Patrick's Day Activities (Free Printable)

St. Patrick's Day Activities (Free Printable)


This document contains 5 simple activities for St Patrick's Day. NOTE: These don't NEED the Velcro and lamination. Another NOTE: My printer was running out of ink! So the rainbow is actually NOT shades of pink. It's reds and oranges and maybe a yellow-ish color at the bottom.

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Rainbow matching: color gradient, NOT red orange yellow green blue purple. Instead it goes from red to a yellowy orange in gradient fashion.

Cloud matching: size discrimination. Seven clouds of seven different sizes.

Coin counting: 5 pots with 15 coins to put in the pots. Each pot is labeled with a number 1-5, and the child must put the proper number of coins in each pot. Alternatively, you can cut clusters of coins (1-5 as well) instead of cutting them individually.

Shamrock puzzles: basic two-piece puzzles that have various lines going down the middle.

Shamrock hunt: find 5 four-leaf clovers among many three-leaf clovers.