Fruit + Vegetable PDF

Fruit + Vegetable PDF


We got these fruit and vegetable magnets for Christmas. You don't NEED the magnets in order to use these flash cards! But these picture cards go along with the magnets so that your child can match a magnet to a card. It's a fun extra challenge to actually use a magnet to hold something up on the fridge. (I didn't think of it as a skill until I had to demonstrate to Alexander how to do it!)

This is a 10 page document. The first 9 pages are the 35 fruit and vegetable picture cards. The 10th page has aubergine and capsicum (called eggplant and bell pepper here in the USA). If you're overseas, you should print all 10 pages, but in the USA you can just print the first 9.

Idea! Save a little paper: when you open this as a PDF, you can change the print option to side-by-side so it will print 5 pages instead of 10. Your cards will be half the size, but that may not be a big deal. Also? No need to laminate these! I laminated mine because Annabelle still puts everything in her mouth. But you can just print and cut them for yourself.


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