Set 3 PDF

Set 3 PDF


This is a 28-page document that contains 11 separate activities that are perfect for a binder and to use on the go. Visit for a longer video of this binder. 

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Here is what is inside the PDF:

1: Introduction and explanation of how to turn the pages into a binder like mine!
2: Clock matching (digital and analog)
4: Puzzle piece matching
6: Make a weave (hit up for more info!)
8: Use shapes to create pictures
11: Coin matching (4 sets of coins, depending on location; just print what you need!)
19: Build a pizza (count the pepperonis)
21: Build a circle
23: Build a star
25: Big to small (place railroad tracks from biggest to smallest)
27: Baby & Adult animal matching

If you need a totally different set of binder pages, please let me know, and I can put together a new set. If you have suggestions for me, please let me know. Since they are designed to fit a standard binder, you can simply add more pages to an existing binder as I create and share more! 

I prefer the Scotch brand of velcro strips to the actual Velcro brand. I found them at Wal-Mart in the sewing section. You can find them at Target as well. I couldn't find the ones I like at Hobby Lobby or Michael's (and I didn't check anywhere else in person).
I have a Scotch laminating machine (TL109, although my exact one is no longer made... it's the same model number, but it looks much different now!).
TIP! If you buy velcro dots instead of strips, cut them in half to make them last!