Set 2 PDF UK

Set 2 PDF UK


This is a 20-page document that contains 11 separate activities that are perfect for a binder and to use on the go. 

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Here is what is inside the PDF:

1: Introduction and explanation of how to turn the pages into a binder like mine!
2: Colour sorting (red and blue)
3: Go shopping! (shopping cart plus empty shelves for foods)
4: Letter matching (lowercase, a-f)
5: Letter matching (uppercase, A-F)
6: Number matching (1-6)
7: Shape matching (heart, square, triangle, circle, star)
8: Colour matching with flowers
9: Make a butterfly (blank butterfly with spots to apply)
10: Set a table! (semi-blank place setting with a fork, spoon, and knife)
11: Make a face (blank face with two noses, mouths, and pairs of eyes)
12: Put wheels on a train (train with missing wheels)
13: Pieces for making a face
14: Pieces for butterfly page
15: Pieces for pages 2, 8, and 12
16: Pieces for grocery store (food and second shopping cart for optional use)
17: Lowercase letters
18: Uppercase letters
19: Numbers
20: Shapes and fork, spoon, and knife

If you need a totally different set of binder pages, please let me know, and I can put together a new set. If you have suggestions for me, please let me know. Since they are designed to fit a standard binder, you can simply add more pages to an existing binder as I create and share more! 

NOTE!! The images and video are the American English version! The word "colour" has been changed in the PDF for download.