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— Maria Montessori
Editable Wallet Cards (Free to Download)

Editable Wallet Cards (Free to Download)

NOTE: This is a United States only driver's license! I couldn't find many blank templates that were generic. If this is a super popular download, I will go back and add other countries (or maybe just continents). 

I saw this product at a website called So Awesome, but they were all sold out. Mine aren't nearly as gorgeous as theirs, BUT it'll serve the same purpose. 

I have this saved in 3 formats because I'm not sure which will be easiest to use.

  • First is a Pages document with text boxes that are easy to identify and edit. If you have the Pages program on your computer, I would download this one.

  • Second is another Pages document with no text boxes. This would work better if you don't have Pages. You can try opening it in another text editor, like Word, and add your own text boxes. Download the second version here.

  • Third is a PDF. This is a last resort because there's no way to add text to a PDF (I don't think!). I don't know enough about Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you know how to work and edit a PDF, this could be for you. You can also print them and then add a photo and the text by hand. Like I said, last resort! Here's the PDF version.

If you've got MS Word and want to convert this for me, that'd be swell. I don't know how to make text boxes convert from Pages to Word (or any other text program), at least not cleanly.


  1. Be sure to add in any text. 
  2. Add a photo onto the license. You'll want to save a picture to your computer then drag it into place. It make take a little tweaking/cropping to get the picture to fit the box nicely!
  3. Print the first page only.
  4. Put the page back into the printer.
  5. Print the second page only.
  6. Cut the cards (they should line up pretty perfectly on 8.5x11). ROUND THE CORNERS if you want them to look even more realistic.
  7. Laminate the cards.
  8. Cut the cards again, remembering to round the corners.
  9. Put them into a child wallet, if you've got one, or an old adult wallet.

I plan to make some fake money and other stuff you might find in a wallet (like rewards cards, tickets, coupons, receipts, etc.).


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