We discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being.
— Maria Montessori
Picture + Word Matching (Printable)

Picture + Word Matching (Printable)

(Click HERE to purchase for $1)

Alexander is deep into beginning reading. He knows the basic letter sounds plus a few alternate letter sounds (like how some letters can have more than one sound). He knows that OO sounds like "oooo" or maybe like the "oo" in "good" and "foot". He just recently learned the "sh" sound. There are still a lot of sounds out there that he doesn't know, so he's not able to sound out most things.

With his current set of skills, I decided to put together these picture + word cards for Alexander. I used the same binder page format I've used for my other binder pages. These can be used with or without a binder, but I used them in a binder. You can get the document HERE for $1. You can also make it yourself at canva.com. I design most of my documents there. Yes it takes some time, which is why I charge a dollar. BUT if you have an hour to figure out the program and to arrange everything to get it *juuust* right, then try to make it yourself! It's a super fun website, by the way; I use it for almost everything that isn't just plain text. :)

Here's how to put these pages together like I did:

  1. Print the pages.
  2. Cut out the pictures and the words separately.
  3. Arrange the pictures in a laminating pouch, leaving space underneath each picture for the words to go and also leaving about an inch on the left side, for a strip of velcro. I put 9 pictures on each page.
  4. Arrange the words in another laminating pouch. (So, you'll use 4 laminating pouches altogether).
  5. Hole punch the 3 picture pages.
  6. Measure (roughly), cut, and affix 3 strips of velcro, one per picture page. Mine are just next to the punched holes.
  7. Cut and affix 27 pieces of velcro, one underneath each picture (make sure you use the same side of the velcro as you did in step 6).
  8. Cut and affix 27 pieces of velcro, one for each word (make sure you use the opposite side of the velcro this time!).
  9. Cut out the words and place them on the appropriate page, on the long strip of velcro. Avoid the punched hole areas, otherwise the pages don't go into the binder very well.
  10. Put the 3 pages in a binder!

This project took me about 45 minutes from print to binder. That doesn't include the design time! Just a heads up!

Here's a short video of Alexander using these new binder pages. I posted this to my @mostlymontessori Instagram page:

Once again, if you'd like these 3 pages of picture + word matching, click HERE to get it for $1. Funny thing... with my particular blog folks, you have to download the item within 24 hours of opening the email. If you forget to do this, that's okay! Just send me an email, and I can easily resend it to you!

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