Restaurant Busy Box US ONLY

Restaurant Busy Box US ONLY



This is a box that contains 5 activities, specifically designed for a toddler or preschooler to use while waiting at a restaurant! If you're tired of handing over a smart phone or tablet while at a restaurant, this is a box of items that can be used and reused. A few of them need to be "reset" before reusing. I've included business card-sized descriptions and instructions for each activity. 

Contains small parts that could be choking hazards. Please supervise or don't give this box to a young child, especially unsupervised!

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Each box contains 5 different activities.

For each activity, I included a card with a description and instructions for an older child (3-5) and a younger child (1-2).

If you were to buy 2 boxes, there will definitely be some overlap in materials as there are only 7 different materials available at this time! If these boxes are successful, I'll gladly add more activity options!