Give me about a week to put them together and get to the post office! It takes 1-1.5 hours per set, and I'll go in the order that I receive the orders! Thanks!

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The pages in this binder are as follows:
1. Color matching (by color only)
2. Color word matching with colorful words
3. Color word matching with black words (must match by looking at the letters; reading not necessary)
4. Shape matching
5. Number counting and matching
6. Month matching (reading not necessary)
7. Fill in a blank clock
8. Coin matching (specify country upon checkout... US, UK, Australia, and Canada only)
9. Ordering numbers by 10s (put 10, 20, 30, etc., in order)

With this purchase, you'll receive the activities in physical form. I will print, laminate, cut out pieces, velcro, and hole punch each activity. You'll simply need to put them in a binder.