Give me about a week to put them together and get to the post office! It takes 1-1.5 hours per set, and I'll go in the order that I receive the orders! Thanks!

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The pages in this binder are as follows:
1. Color sorting (red and blue)
2. Go shopping! (shopping cart plus empty shelves for foods)
3. Letter matching (lowercase, a-f)
4. Letter matching (uppercase, A-F)
5. Number matching (1-6)
6. Shape matching (heart, square, triangle, circle, star)
9. Color matching with flowers
10. Make a butterfly (blank butterfly with spots to apply)
11. Set a table! (semi-blank place setting with a fork, spoon, and knife)
12. Make a face (blank face with two noses, mouths, and pairs of eyes)
12: Put wheels on a train (train with missing wheels)

With this purchase, you'll receive the activities in physical form. I will print, laminate, cut out pieces, velcro, and hole punch each activity. You'll simply need to put them in a binder.