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— Maria Montessori

A little about our new house

I never really shared much about our new home: why we moved, what's with all the "stuff" here, and what our plans are. So let me share a lite version:

We lived in Georgia from August 2014 until July 2017. The plan was to stay in Georgia until we paid off our house (less than 10 years), but then the plans changed pretty abruptly. In February 2017, my father in law suddenly passed away. He lived in northwest Louisiana, outside of Shreveport. In fact, Cameron's mom, brother, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins pretty much all live right in or near Shreveport. My family lives 2 hours east of Shreveport. To go home for the holidays was 8 hours to my family and an additional 2 hours to Cameron's family. 

But the plan was never to move back to Louisiana. 

After his dad's death, Cameron and his one brother started going through details of their father's estate. Turns out, his home and 5 acres of land were owned debt-free. I won't get into the money aspect of it because that's not really my place to discuss, BUT it was something that made Cam and I raise our eyebrows.

This property (land and house) were not only paid for, but everything was much closer to all of our family members. It took a lot of prayer and convos with older, wiser folks we trusted. And ultimately, God told us it was the right move. It would be hard for a lot of reasons, but it was the best choice for us. Cameron gave his notice at work, and we put our house on the market. It sold very quickly, which gave us very little time to move out.

Since his father lived alone, the house was filled with his things. Additionally, he repaired various machines: cars, lawn mowers, four wheelers, and so on, so there were lots of machines and old cars on the property. 

The kids and I stayed at my parents house, 2 hours away, while Cameron went all the way to the house. He worked with some contractors to paint and fix up the interior of the house. Carpet was replaced, some kitchen cabinets were knocked down, all the walls were painted, the ceiling was refinished with bead board, and on and on. The inside took several weeks to finish, but it came together really nicely. 

The outside was a different story. The shed (where his dad worked) was filled bottom to top and front to back with all of my FIL's things, everything that was inside of the house. All the furniture, knick knacks, dishes, everything. It took around 2 months to sell or donate about 90% of those things. There are still big items we want to sell, like a 1978 Camaro, a 1971 (I think) Ford truck, an old Isuzu, a boat, a jet ski, and more. Those are big items that are taking up "eye space" I guess, when I look into the yard. I see these large items that aren't ours and that we don't want to hold onto. But we can't very well drop them off at a donation center either!

We're trying to make this property OURS, something we look at and see ourselves in it. That will come. It's been less than 3 months since we moved in, and it's much different than it was. We want to respect his father along the way, which is why we don't want to just throw things away or destroy them. 

There's so much more I can say, but that's enough for now. That's the lite version, like I said! 

Later today I'm going to share some pictures of an outdoor "kid zone" we put together using only found items, things that belonged to his dad that were on the property already. We repurposed and rearranged them into a space that's just for the kids to explore and play.

Thanks for reading! I'm happy to answer any questions you may have!


A tour of our outdoor kid zone

A tour of our outdoor kid zone

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